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The products you see on our shopping page have been hand-picked to be useful, quality made and will save you money in the long run.

We hope that you enjoy browsing and purchasing from our website. We love the products that we have chosen and hope that you do too!

water bottles & coffee cups

Encourage your staff to go plastic free. Quality Cheeki water bottles and coffee cups are great thank you gifts and incentives for staff.

silicone lids

Do your staff grapple with foil and plastic wrap? Do you need a versatile frypan and casserole lid? Save money and reduce the amount of plastic you use when you purchase Charles Viancin designed silicone lids.

coffee cup carriers

Does your business do the ‘Coffee Run’? Purchase a Stay Tray to carry them securely and count one less cardboard tray in the bin each time.

stainless steel pegs

Purchase Activated Eco’s stainless steel pegs to seal food bags closed. No more broken plastic pegs in the freezer! Also great to hang cloths and aprons on the line.

wallaby water

Is your food truck, café, restaurant or hotel making conscious changes to go ‘plastic free’? ENQUIRE NOW to ask about Wallaby Water’s prices and delivery options.


Do you want to supply your staff with a skin-safe and reef-safe sunscreen? Order Sunbutter’s new generation of products packaged in reusable and recyclable tins.

compostable cloths

Retrokitchen’s sponge cloths are made from cotton and cellulose. They are absorbent, washable and 100% biodegradable. End of life disposal in compost bin or worm farm.

kitchen, laundry & personal care

Looking to convert your business to chemical free? The Koala Eco range of cleaning products is all natural, biodegradable, eco-friendly and plant based. Grey water and septic safe. The bottles are 100% post-consumer recycled with refill sizes available.

kitchen brushes

Feeling guilty using nylon scourers and brushes? Purchase an Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber, Bottle Brush or Veggie Brush to experience coconut fibre at work.