Leave your mark on the world, not the planet.

1 million PET plastic bottles are used every minute.

In Australia, less than half make it to a recycling facility and only 12% will be used in a new bottle. 70,000+ tones of plastic bottles go straight to landfill every year and leak into our oceans, wreaking havoc on sea life. 

75% of aluminium produced is still in use today (Source: aluminium.org), and takes just 5% of the initial energy consumption to recycle.

Wallaby is Australia’s most recycled and most recyclable packaged water alternative, it’s natural Australian spring water in a can. Simple.

wallaby water

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Natural Spring Water – 400ml bottle
Introducing our latest canned water… with a twist! Designed to refresh, refill and recycle, lid and all.

Sourced from the pristine natural springs of Mt Buninyong, where ancient lava remnants filter and add a rich blend of natural minerals. There’s nothing added but a lot given back; proceeds from every can support endangered Aussie wildlife.

We proudly use the world’s most recycled and recycle-friendly packaging – 100% of these bottles and their caps are recyclable until the end of time. Every bottle counts on our journey to fix the world’s plastic problem.

💧 Pure Australian spring water – pH 8.1
⭐️ Full of natural minerals – naturally alkaline
📦 Cans stack and store tighter
❄️ Cools faster – 2-year long shelf-life

Please enquire now for your personalised quote for Wallaby Water. It is available for delivery from Port Douglas to the Whitsundays. We would love to help you reduce the impact on the environment.